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SAM INK is a Singapore based ink manufacturer, the company has gained ISO 9001 and is proud of its colour matching and constant quality. Distribution in UK is handled by Colour Mill Ltd located in Oxford.

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The SAM INK range of compatible inks for HP Designjet 9000, HP8000 and Seiko 64 are Mild solvent inks which have excellent adhesion and scratch resistance. The HP Designjet 5000 and HP5500 inks in cartridge and Bulk ink format are colour matched to the originals so no colour change when changing print heads. The HP Z6100 is the worlds first plug & play colour matched cartridge, T1100, HP 500/800 HP1050, A Bulk ink system for these printer is also available. To complete the range we have added the HP1050/1055 cartridge and HP4000 cartridge, both are colour matched. Bulk ink system are installed by our own engineers.


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